5th Anniversary of ELIXIR Portugal

ELIXIR Portugal is completing 5 years of excellence in supporting research, training and innovation in the national scientific system through management and advanced analysis of biological data. To celebrate this occurring, ELIXIR Portugal has decided to organize a dedicated day at the 10th Edition of the Bioinformatics Open Days to showcase what has been done in the past few years but also to foster an active discussion regarding the increasingly emerging fields of bioinformatics and data management.

Find out more here and discuss with us the future of bioinformatics and biological data management!

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We would like to hear from those who have contributed to ELIXIR Portugal becoming a reference nationally and internationally but also from those who benefited (or think they might benefit in the future!).

Leave your thoughts below!

Five years is a long journey. I’ve joined half way and am proud and happy to be part of such a brilliant, motivating and generous team. Together we are shaping the data management landscape for life sciences, democratizing access to bioinformatics services and computing resources and building a community of experts in these fields willing to share its knowledge with public and private life and health scientists. Let’s celebrate together!


Working at ELIXIR Portugal has been a truly rewarding experience that granted me valuable competences to face the new digital life sciences panorama. Contributing to this “data revolution” by fostering awareness on bioinformatics and good research data management practices is something that makes me proud and I’m eager to celebrate it. Join us!


The story of ELIXIR Portugal is one of endeavor. Shaping the vision of a national research infrastructure for biological data required painstaking chiselling out of the hard bedrock of the Portuguese scientific landscape. Despite tight funding and few human resources, our infrastructure gradually gained recognition, not only nationally, but also across the European ELIXIR network, as our quality and hard work spoke higher than our means.
Having witnessed the birth of ELIXIR Portugal, I am proud to have had a hand in writing some of its successful chapters in the ensuing years, and must acknowledge that, in turn, ELIXIR Portugal has been one of the most successful chapters of my career.


Despite having been working at ELIXIR Portugal for just a year, I can say that it has been a wonderful experience. I joined ELIXIR Portugal right after finishing college and in addition to gaining experience in different areas, whether for the projects in which I participated or the seminars offered by the node, I also felt rewarded for the work done because of the impact I had in the Portuguese scientific community